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Where to buy (nursery)

Sprint Horticulture is a supplier to wholesale companies only. To buy products featured on our website please see our list of retailers.

Colour in your garden

For year round colour that does not need to be replaced, check out our feature product this month - Cordyline Electric Pink. This is a clumping form of cordyline which means it will not develop a tall trunk like other cordylines you have seen. Once they reach maturity, cordyline Electric Pink will stay the same height maintaining their stylish, bushy look for years. The plant will spread to around 1m in diameter and reaches up to 1m in height.
This is a sensational product in both its performance over a long term and its variety of applications. Try using Electric Pink as the feature in a mixed planter, a pot on your patio or plant in rows to create an outstanding hedge.
Electric Pink has proven its worth in the garden over our years of recent drought. It will tolerate full sun, dry conditions and intense heat, surviving temperatures in excess of 40º C. Likewise, Electric Pink is hardy in cold conditions and will withstand low temperatures easily.

The Sprint range covers all areas from the kitchen table to the back fence. It is sold in retail outlets all over Australia and used in residential and commercial landscapes.

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