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Industry leaders in product and marketing

Sprint Horticulture have been suppliers of innovative plant material into the Australian marketplace for over 9 years.
We work with breeders both local and international to bring products to consumers that are relevant to our Australian climate and market. After selection of our product, we develop a retail brand and marketing strategy that is unique and effective. Our promotional brands have been very successful at the retail level, bringing consumer recognition and loyalty.
For a full list of our retail brands, check out the bottom of our home page. You can click into these brand icons to view the complete range.

Spring Selling

‘Little Miss’ Alstroemeria will be in stores in time for spring. These are the most compact varieties of Alstroemeria available on the market today reaching only 15-25cm in height. They are extremely floriferous and come in 8 gorgeous colours.
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To locate a grower who supplies into your area please see our list of wholesalers.

The Sprint range includes plants suitable for use from the kitchen table through to the back fence. Browse our complete range to find what you are looking for.

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