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Hybrid Streetscape Survives the Rain!


Over the summer Dianella Streetscape survived months of rain while other Dianella varieties battled with floods of disease and deterioration.

This is the experience of Kay Murray, Landscape Architect with Shoalhaven City Council. Kay said “I am really impressed with Streetscape because it hasn’t crashed like other varieties we planted in the past. Streetscape has been great for us. This summer we have had so many rainy, cloudy days, and the humidity has been high.”

August 2011 - 1 year after planting.

Streetscape is the result of breeding by NuFlora to develop an interspecific Dianella hybrid combining the best attributes of a tropic Daintree species with a temperate species.

When the entrance to the town of Nowra was listed for re-dressing in spring 2010, Kay decided to plant Dianella Streetscape and Gazania Dynamo in round-a-bouts and median strips.

According to Kay, “After a season of heavy rain and the odd stray car Streetscape and Dynamo are still standing strong. This planting demonstrates their brute strength to withstand the harsh conditions of civic landscaping.”

Swathes of Dianella Streetscape were planted and framed by Gazania Dynamo in the round-a-bouts and through the median strips.

Kay commented that “the plants have stayed strong, Dynamo has not stopped flowering and the Streetscape has just finished a beautiful flush of blue flowers. Both varieties are outstanding performers and work really well together.“

“I believe all plants have their place and I love that Streetscape has soft, low growing foliage that moves in the breeze. It creates nice movement even in a harsh landscape like roadside planting. I have used other Gazanias in the past and found that they often look like they need dead heading. However Dynamo keeps replacing its flowers and never needs a clean up – this is a big plus to me, especially when you have to consider the amount of maintenance and funding available for a certain project” said Kay.

The benefits of Streetscape are:

  • It is compact and offers traffic high visibility
  • It has hybrid vigour, developing strong foliage with roots that grow down at twice the speed of some Dianella species
  • It develops a fountain of foliage – it does not crawl into neighbouring plants so it always looks tidy
February 2012 - 18 months since planting and after months of torrential rain this is how they look. February 2012 - High visibility for traffic is maintained.

For more information about Streetscape, download the Specification Sheet.

A great companion to Streetscape is Gazania Dynamo. Dynamo is a new sterile non-invasive Gazania bred by NuFlora. It can be planted near bushland and local ecosystems without the concern of seeds invading the local flora. Read more about Gazania Dynamo.

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