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Horticultural plant sales, licensing and distribution worldwide

Sprint Horticulture Pty Ltd is a sales and distribution company specializing in ornamental plants. We are located on the Central Coast of NSW, 80kms north of Sydney, Australia.

We represent licensed product developed by breeders around the world. With access to leading plant genetics, Sprint is at the forefront of market development on a global level.

Sprint has built climate controlled greenhouses in NSW to ensure high quality plants are delivered to customers all year round.The location of our production facilities allows easy access into most countries. We have a comprehensive customer base in Australia and have been operating for 17 years.

Sprint’s History

Sprint Horticulture was started by Craig Bryson to represent foreign plant breeders in the Australian horticultural marketplace. Our activities focused on sales and distribution of young plants to Australian nursery growers. We began by contracting propagation companies to produce rooted cuttings and tissue cultured young plants.

To support our growth in Australian sales, our production base was enlarged by contracting tissue culture laboratories in Europe and Asia.

With the effects of the long Australian drought on the local ornamental plant market we decided to develop stronger sales connections in foreign markets to buffer local market cycles. We therefore developed commercial agreements with Australian breeders for representation of their new plant varieties in the global market. During this year we also established sales agreements with organizations in the USA and Japan for the distribution of our products.

To further solidify our worldwide distribution capability, Sprint established production and sales agreements with organizations in Europe and South Africa.

Sprint is greatly expanding its plant tissue culture and young plant production in Asia for supply to all foreign markets. At the same time, we continue to develop opportunities for Australian and foreign breeders and their varieties in our local Australian market.

In May we moved to our new office and production site at Peats Ridge, NSW. After 7 months of building the office we finally occupied it on May 13th. The 11 hectare site will position the company for future growth opportunities by providing enough space for greenhouse construction and display gardens.

After 1 year of land leveling and greenhouse construction we began planting in our new climate controlled greenhouse in July.

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