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Sprint Horticulture has developed into a global company with representatives located strategically around the world. We are currently exporting into five continents.

We work with breeders

Sprint Horticulture specializes in developing marketing strategies for new breeding combined with strong production plans to take new varieties to the market successfully and completely.
We have access to excellent breeding in Australia. Sprint also represents other breeders around the world with unique genetics.

We work with agents

Sprint Horticulture has agents in the following countries:
Europe, United States of America, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand.

How we produce and distribute

Sprint has contract production facilities in China with a capacity of 30 million units. We have been working with a highly skilled laboratory and greenhouse for 7 years and continue to develop in quality and efficiency. We are able to ship tissue cultures or young plants from this company.
Cuttings are produced in Europe and the Americas.

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Sprint products are sold globally and are of the highest quality. View our variety list to find a product for you.

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